Derek Stegelman

Hello, I'm Derek — developer, father, speaker, and bourbon drinker.

I'm an Assistant Director of I.T. at Colorado State Unveristy I'm interested in web development, bourbon, and being outdoors.

Latest Writing

Meetup Burn Out

For sometime now I’ve been feeling like I just do not have energy to attend local meetups that I used to love going to. I’m …

A New Path

The next few weeks are sure to be a wild ride. After spending well over half of my career with Kansas State University, I’ve decided …

Intermittent Fasting Experiment

For the past two weeks I’ve been experimenting with a Ketogenic diet to see if I could finally lose the last 30 or so pounds that …

Latest Tech Writing

Foreign Key Dropdowns with .NET MVC 5

One of the more difficult form controls in web development is adding drop downs for foreign key relationships. .NET MVC gives you several …

Global Template Objects with .NET MVC 5

In modern web applications it is often convienient to have certain content or database object available to all views throughout an …

Custom Authorize Attribute in .Net MVC

I’ve recently been doing most of my coding within the .Net space. As such I’ve found myself trying to repeat several of the …

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Recent Open Source Projects

Django Mail Queue

Mail Queue provides an easy and simple way to send email. Each email is saved and queued up either in real time or with Celery.


TeamPlay is a web app for team communication that you can run yourself! It is similar to Github's internal 'Team' app, including a free form commenting/message board and displays of recent deployments from your team.

Rocket Python

Rocket Python is an API wrapper for Rocket.Chat. It currently only supports a few calls, but is constantly being improved.