Derek Stegelman


Meetup Burn Out

in technology life

Time for a break from meetups and other outside commitments

Foreign Key Dropdowns with .NET MVC 5

in technology dotnet

Setup your .NET forms to use foreign key drop downs

Global Template Objects with .NET MVC 5

in technology dotnet

Add global content and objects to every view within your .Net application

Custom Authorize Attribute in .Net MVC

in technology dotnet

Restrict controller actions to users with specific roles, and base them upon controller parameters.

A New Path

in technology life

I've accepted a position as Assistant Director of I.T. for Application Development at Colorado State University College of Health and Human Sciences

RocketChat API Wrapper

in technology

Introducing an API Wrapper for the RocketChat API

Intermittent Fasting Experiment

in life

For the past two weeks I've been experimenting with a Ketogenic diet to see if I could finally lose the last 30 or so pounds that I've gained over the last decade.

Multiple Forms in Django Views

in technology django

Handle multiple forms within multiple Django Views

Django By Example

in technology django

Glad to announce a new book that I've reviewed is now available.

2015 Year in Review

in life

Here's my list of 2015 goals for the year and how I progressed.

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