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Meetup Burn Out

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Time for a break from meetups and other outside commitments

Foreign Key Dropdowns with .NET MVC 5

in technology dotnet

Setup your .NET forms to use foreign key drop downs

Global Template Objects with .NET MVC 5

in technology dotnet

Add global content and objects to every view within your .Net application

Custom Authorize Attribute in .Net MVC

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Restrict controller actions to users with specific roles, and base them upon controller parameters.

A New Path

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I've accepted a position as Assistant Director of I.T. for Application Development at Colorado State University College of Health and Human Sciences

RocketChat API Wrapper

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Introducing an API Wrapper for the RocketChat API

Multiple Forms in Django Views

in technology django

Handle multiple forms within multiple Django Views

Django By Example

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Glad to announce a new book that I've reviewed is now available.

Django Feedme 2.0

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Today I am announcing the immediate availability of django-feedme 2.0. This release contains many bug fixes and feature improvements.

Mocking Responses in Python Requests

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Lately, we've been trying to improve our testing structure around testing our API calls without actually having to make them. To do this we of course use the excellent mocking library for python.

Keeping it DRY with Mock and Python

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This week while writing a new feature in the core of one our apps, I had to mock something that would be used in almost every single test in the test suite. I'm a huge fan of keeping things DRY so you can imagine that when I started to type things like this:

Django Rest Framework Talk

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Join me for a talk next week at the Fort Collins Digital workshop for a short talk on the Django Rest Framework!

A Touch of Imposter Syndrome

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Or why I feel behind all the time

1 Year In

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It's hard to believe its already been a year since I returned to Kansas State on the webteam. Throughout this year we've accomplished a lot and I wanted to reflect on some of those things.

New Software Releases

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I've released new version of django-site-notifications and django-downtime. Both these releases bring support for Python 3.x as well as bringing them up to date with at least Django 1.7.


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Heads up that I'll be at PyCon this year in Montreal, Canada. If you are around and want to meetup, let me know!

Wrapping Your API Calls for Fun and Profit

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The last few months I've been working on fixing up our applications at K-State and how they interact with other custom built and off the shelf software. One of our common practices on the web team is to create applications that consume data from other organizations on campus, manipulate it, display it, etc. One of the things I noticed early on was that we would use the same boilerplate code to generate and get responses from various systems. None of the calls were tied together, and we often used the same or similar data in multiple apps. Something had to be done.

Salt State Talk

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Join me for a talk tomorrow at the Fort Collins Digital workshop for a short talk on Salt with demos!

Async Processing with Django and Celery

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Come join in my discussion on Async processing with Django and Celery this Monday August 11 in Fort Collins CO. I'll be going over the basics of using async processing and tips for utilizing this type of architecture.

Everyone Writes Shitty Code

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In any team environment, a developer may have to adapt another's code. When they fail to understand it, they condemn it. This attitude isn't helpful, in fact it's hurtful.

Test Test Test

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I've recently come across a few stumbling blocks where bad code got deployed, caused some damage, and then required a roll back or quick modification and hotfixes. While I have always written some amount of tests for the last few years, I've never been a huge fan of test driven development. The very idea that I have to spend hours writing up tests and mocking things to then spend just an hour or two writing the code to fix the issue seemed somewhat backwards to me and not an efficient use of my time. To a certain degree I think this somewhat depends on the scale your site is at and the affect it could have on any visitors or customers of your site. The larger your code base, and the sheer scale of your audience greatly affects the rate at which your unit and integreation tests begin to pay huge dividends.

Vagrant and Django: My Experience

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I wanted to give a quick overview on how I tend to use Vagrant and a brief explanation of my thought process, how I learned, and what I would do different next time.

5 Lessons in 5 Years

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In my short experience in the industry I've been able to learn a few lessons from my experience. My five lessons in five years are:

Follow Up, Django and Gunicorn

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This is a (short) update to my post about moving to Gunicorn from mod_wsgi.

Django Deployment Talk

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of giving a talk at Boulder Django on Django Deployment and Hosting options. We had a good turnout and I think overall most of the attendees learned something about Django, Python, and Deployments. I've included the slides on speakerdeck below.

Moving From Mod_Wsgi to Gunicorn with Webfaction

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This week (tonight) I moved my major sites (this site, my wife's site and my brothers site) over to Gunicorn from Mod_wsgi. I initially thought it was going to be an incredibly different process, but I'm here to show that it can be done in one night and it isn't nearly as hard as I thought. I wanted to document and outline the process in case anyone else wanted to make the transition.

My Philosophy on (Agile) Web Development

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For a while I've wanted to write and document my opinions and beliefs on web development, the process, how it could improve and how to develop software in an always changing (agile) environment.

Install LIBJpeg on Snow Leopard

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Download the source from Extract, configure, make: tar zxvf jpegsrc.v6b.tar.gz cd jpeg-6b cp /usr/share/libtool/config/config.sub . cp /usr/share/libtool/config/config.guess . ./configure --enable-shared --enable-static make

Open Source Doesn't Have to Be Ugly

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Too many times I have seen freeware open source projects start with such vigor and high expectations, only to fail or take enormous amounts of time and money. Most every time I have seen this happen its blamed on the pure fact that the software itself is free. These projects don't fail because of lack of funding, but a lack of a clear goal and the people resources behind it. I want to dive into the open source philosophy for a second and gather my thoughts.

Skills Evaluation

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This week while working on new designs and websites I came to a greatly enlightened point. I cannot design websites. Yes folks, I cannot make a good looking design for the life of me. I am not gifted artist, I didn't spend my time taking art classes to learn which colors go well with each other. So why is this important? I spend almost 75% of my time with web sites coming up with designs; this needs to end. I have recently found the answer to my debacle... I can code. And can code quite well. I write good clean code, in php,,, c#, and some lose javascript. I also can write good quality web presentation code (html,css, xml) however, as I said before I can't design it for the life of me. Why is this important? If I spend a little money I can contract out my design work, and spend more time coding the websites. The best part of this is that there are already great sites to go to, to buy some of these designs for next to nothing. I will save hours of time and in turn money, as well as offering a better price to my customers. Later this week, I will be purchasing a few new designs to complete some outstanding websites and finally get a few done.

.Net error handling

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Great read. Please note this was transcribed from