Derek Stegelman

Windsor, CO

I am an Assistant IT Director and full stack web developer living in Northern Colorado. I am passionate about clean elegant coding and documentation standards. I am also deeply interested in automated deployment and disaster recovery projects. I believe that developers should abstract away monotonous work with automation and tools.

In addition to developing for the web I have a strong interest and experience in leading teams and organizations to achieve success with I.T. Throughout my career I have excelled at bringing business leaders and I.T. together to achieve goals in both private and public sectors.

I enjoy helping others reach their goals through the application development.

You can find out more about who I am and what I do after hours by taking a look at the about page.

If you think I could be a good fit on your team or in your organization, lets talk!

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Colorado State University, College of Health and Human Sciences

Assistant Director of I.T. for Application Development (08/2016 - Present)

Technologies Used: .Net Framework, ASP.Net, XCode, .Net Core, C#, Javascript, ReactJS, MSSQL, Apache Cordova, PHP, Wordpress, iOS, Android, Xamarin

I am responsible for custom application development at the College of Health and Human Sciences at Colorado State University.

I design, develop and maintain complex web applications and manage a growing team of students that contribute to our organization as well.

Specific Projects
  • Youth Sport Camps
  • ECC Observation Scheduling - Online scheduling and management application for the Early childhood center on campus.
  • CM Jobs and Recruitment
  • Preserve Smart Colorado iOS App

Kansas State University, Office of Mediated Education (Remote)

Senior Web Application Developer (07/2014 - 08/2016)

Technologies Used: Django, Python, PHP, Javascript, Ansible, Chef, AWS, MySQL, Celery, Vagrant, Kurogo Mobile Platform

Develop, maintain, and implement new and existing enterprise web applications for faculty, staff, and students. Work with server administrators to develop new and improve existing infrastructure in a cloud environment. I design and implement new standards and build internal tools to automate our developement process.

I spend lots of time reviewing code from other developers and outlining standards and roadmaps for new technology deployments. I work closely along side dev ops engineers to provide the best platform possible for developing rapid applications at an enterprise level.

Mentor and supervise students work on enterprise university systems.

Work in a leadership role to help shape future technology choices and direction. Work closley with directors from multiple departments on their needs and goals within enterprise IT.

Specific Projects
  • Notifications - University wide notifications application delivering timely, personalized, notifications in a central location via a REST API.
  • Distributed University Calendar - Developed an Enterprise calendar solution allowing various campus organizations to add events where curators can escalate them to campus webpages, including the home page. Events are delivered via a REST API.
  • University Emergency Alerts - Developed a system to allow various consumers to display alerts generated by a third party emergency alert platform.
  • Scholarships - Developed a scholarship application for high-profile, select, students.
  • Student/Staff/Faculty Portal - Developed a University wide portal showing various personalized data about users in disparate systems on campus.
  • K-State Mobile People Search - Built a person directory module within the Kurogo platform to consume a custom internal directory API.
  • K-State Python API Wrapper - Built a wrapper for internal and external calls in Python. This allows developers across the enterprise to safely extract information without having to build lots of boilerplate. Discussed in Wrap your API for fun and profit

Ligonier (Remote)

Lead Developer and Infrastructure Engineer (01/2014 - 07/2014)

Technologies Used: Django, Python, Celery, Javascript, AWS, Salt Stack, PostgreSQL, Vagrant

  • Developed new features and support the website.
  • Maintained Server infrastructure using AWS services with reliance on an internal set of middleware API tools.

Five Q Inc. (Remote)

Software Developer (02/2013 - 12/2013)

Technolgies Used: Django, Python, Javascript, Salt Stack, Ansible, Vagrant, PostgreSQL

Developed and maintained several high availabilty websites for minitries and non profits using Python/Django. Performed systems administration tasks and other required duties on multiple platforms including AWS/EC2, Ubuntu VPS, and other linux flavors.

Worked in an agency setting balancing multiple products, clients, and projects.

Kansas State University, Office of Mediated Education

Web Developer (02/2011 - 02/2013)

Technologies Used: Django, Python, Javascript, AWS, MySQL

Develop, maintain, and implement new and existing web applications for faculty, staff, and students. Work with server administrators to develop new and improve existing infrastructure in a cloud environment.

Built a scholarship application system, a mentor matching applications, and developed a new calendar system for the entire university utilizing a RESTful API.

Completely re-wrote deployment and standardization techniques.


Kansas State University - B.S., Management Information Systems, Minor in Economics (‘09)


A very long list of technologies and tools that I have had the privlidge of working with.

C#, ASP.Net, .Net Framework/.Net Core, Python, Django, DRF, PHP, XML, JSON, Javascript, HTML/CSS, AngularJS, RESTful web services, Vagrant, Ansible, Salt, Chef, AWS, RabbitMQ, Memcached, Celery, and various other technologies.

Open Source Work

I've written and contributed to a few open source projects throughout the years.

Other code snippets and work is available on Github.

Private code examples may be shared by request.

Books, Outreach, Achievements, Leadership

Talks, Presentations