Henry Jay

We welcomed Henry Jay into our family just a few weeks ago on July 27, 2015. It’s been a wild and crazy few weeks as we juggle having 2 little ones around the house amid trying to get sleep. Below are a few pictures from the hospital.

1 Year In

It’s hard to believe its already been a year since I returned to Kansas State on the webteam. Throughout this year we’ve accomplished a lot and I wanted to reflect on some of those things. Virtual Machine Development via Vagrant One of the bigger items I pushed for almost immediately was getting our team developing on a consistent platform. Most of our team uses Macbooks, and while those are certainly easier to configure than Windows PCs, there are still problems with getting some software up and running.

New Software Releases

I’ve released new version of django-site-notifications and django-downtime. Both these releases bring support for Python 3.x as well as bringing them up to date with at least Django 1.7.

xGames Trip

This past weekend Lindy and I took a trip out to Aspen to check out the 2015 XGames being hosted at Buttermilk. We were able to see the qualifiers for Ski Superpipe, Big Air Snowboard, Ski Slopestyle. Random Practice jumps at the superpipe David Wise’s First Run David Wise’s Second Qualification Run Vail Village Vail Hosting FIS Apline World Championships The rest are random photos from the main xGames area at Buttermilk mountain and shots from the superpipe.

Wrapping Your API Calls for Fun and Profit

The last few months I’ve been working on fixing up our applications at K-State and how they interact with other custom built and off the shelf software. One of our common practices on the web team is to create applications that consume data from other organizations on campus, manipulate it, display it, etc. One of the things I noticed early on was that we would use the same boilerplate code to generate and get responses from various systems.

MLK Day at Keystone

This MLK day I spent the day Keystone getting as much powder skiing in as possible. The weather cooperated and I was able to get into Summit county without any weather issues. Here is a quick photo dump of the day. Ada trying on the helmet First shot from North Peak Three shots from The Outback where you can see Breckenridge in the background. I recorded the days stats on my /workouts page.

2014 Year in Review

Here’s my list of 2014 goals for the year and how I progressed. Hike a mountain over 12,000 ft. Get back into brewing both Beer and Wine Attend another tech conference, hopefully Django Con 2014 Get a good start on Central Station, finally. Watch the world cup Improve my sys admin skillz Hike a mountain over 12,000 ft. I was totally planning to do this, almost did. In the late fall of 2014 I planned with a friend to hike the twin sisters, both of which are above 12k, however, weather prevented us from doing so.


This weekend we spent a few days visiting the lovely mountain town of Breckenridge CO and other towns in Summit County. We first headed out to Idaho Springs on our way out of Denver to eat at Beau Jos! We spent a lot of the weekend at the indoor pool and taking trips into town for shopping and hitting up the playground. I think Ada had a good time and was really excited about seeing the first snow of the season.

Django MPTT Custom Managers

The latest version of django-mptt automatically sets your default model manager objects to the built in TreeManager() model manager in django-mptt. But what if you already have a default custom model manager Assuming we have the following: class Area(MPTTModel): name = models.CharField(max_length=250) slug = models.SlugField(editable=False) url = models.URLField(verbose_name='URL', blank=True) tree = TreeManager() objects = AreaQuerySet.as_manager() In order to preserve both of your managers, the MPTT TreeManager() need to be placed before the objects manager.


This fall we took a family trip to Northern Calfornia, hitting up a few different cities and spending 2 weeks both working and relaxing. I decided to work 4 of the days we were there, and taking vacation days for the rest. North Lake Tahoe Ada had a great time at Lake Tahoe. Out of all the places we visted during this trip Lake Tahoe was by far the most kid friendly.