Derek Stegelman

RocketChat API Wrapper

Today I open sourced a library for dealing with the RocketChat API. If you’ve never heard of it RocketChat is an open source chat platform similar in feature set to that of Slack and HipChat. It was recently adopted by my organization as an internal tool.

In the past my team has used HipChat as our main communication platform and it worked just fine, but in an effort to trim costs and use similar tools we’ve made the transition to RocketChat. One of the really important features of chat, is the ability to notify rooms when certain external actions occur. In our case, a common use case is for a bot to notify a project or team room when a deployment is complete. We deploy via Fabric so we develop these notifications in Python and then execute them upon completion of the deployment task. In order to make this easier, I’ve abstracted and wrapped the API calls to RocketChat into an open source library, RocketPython which is available now from Pypi. RocketChat doesn’t support many calls yet, and I plan to only support the ones that I or others need, so if you want support for one, open an issue or submit a pull request.