Derek Stegelman



I love to write software, both professionally, and within the open source community. Below I have listed a few of these projects. I have many more available on my GitHub account.

Work/Professional Projects

ECC Observations

ECC Observations is an internal application for students and researchers to schedule visitation and observations at the ECC.


Connect is an aggreation platform for students, staff, and faculty. Connect delivers up to date content and data from around campus in an easy to use, and central location.

Selective Scholarship

Selective Scholarship is a multi-form online scholarship application for students who have been pre-selected for prestigious scholarships.

Open Source Projects

Django Mail Queue

Mail Queue provides an easy and simple way to send email. Each email is saved and queued up either in real time or with Celery.


TeamPlay is a web app for team communication that you can run yourself! It is similar to Github's internal 'Team' app, including a free form commenting/message board and displaying recent deployments from your team.

Rocket Python

Rocket Python is an API wrapper for Rocket.Chat. It currently only supports a few calls, but is constantly being improved.